Embrace bed frame by Knickerbocker

March 22nd, 2014

I was changing the sheets on our bed the other night. Unfortunately, it was past my normal bed time, but one of my cats had thrown up on our bed (YUCK!!) and I had to make a quick sheet change before my six-year-old son and I could crawl in the bed. (My husband was out of town for the week, and my sweet son and I take those opportunities to “snuffle” together in mommy and daddy’s bed!) I was stumbling around the bed trying to tuck the corners of the clean sheets on, and I tripped on one of my son’s stuffed animals. I ended up¬†scraping my ankle against the hard metal corner of my steel bed frame.¬†Two thoughts came to mind: 1. That’s gonna bruise. 2. If I had an Embrace Bed Frame, that never would have happened. The Embrace bed frame has no sharp edges, because it’s coated with a soft, yet durable polymer. I wouldn’t have a blue ankle right now. :-(

I can really see why this bed frame would be a good choice for diabetics or anyone who wants to avoid injuring themselves in the bedroom!


The Embrace Bed Frame By Knickerbocker

New Core Sleep Pillows Line

February 12th, 2014

The right pillow can make all the difference in sleep comfort and quality. Our new line of pillows by Core Sleep by Pacific Coast Feather is uniquely designed to offer the benefit of specialized support in a choice of fills. The Core Sleep line also offers traditional designs that adjust and conform to sleeper preferences. You can choose from memory foam, latex, and hybrid pillows. These pillows are all long lasting and won’t go flat quickly like your typical “cheap” pillow! Core Sleep SensaCool Pillow

Want the Best Bed Sheets?

February 6th, 2014

You can say what you want to about how money can’t buy you happiness. I believe there are two material things that truly add to a person’s quality of life: luxury high quality bed sheets and really nice bath towels. When used on a daily basis, I believe that both of these contribute to your overall well-being. It is always funny when a customer who purchases a $1600 mattress set tells me that bed sheets don’t matter. Customers have sc offed at my bed sheet prices “There is no way that I will spend that on a set of bed sheets. I’ll go to Wal-Mart and buy whatever is on sale.” Using cheap bed sheets on a luxury mattress is like buying a Lexis with cloth seats. You just don’t do that kind of thing. Even a cheap mattress set can feel better if you have good quality sheets.

Look, I know about good bed sheets. And I know about crappy ones. Last year, I ordered a sample set of bed sheets that were supposed to be 600 thread count. My cost as a dealer for those was around $35 for a king set. I thought that it would be great to be able to sell a high thread count bed sheet set that was really affordable (cheap.) I took my sample set of bed sheets home and washed them. I knew right away that these bed sheets were not good quality (the cost should have tipped me off, but I ordered the sample based on the advice of a trusted sales rep.) The so-called luxury bed sheets were very course and developed pills after the first night. Of course, I never purchased those sheets for my store. I would be ashamed to sell sheets like that to my customers. We have tested every set of bed sheets that we sell. The best bed sheets we carry are our 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets from Dreamfit.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Need to buy bed slats for your bed? Think again.

October 29th, 2011

If you are looking to buy wood bed slats for your bed, please consider some of the more modern choices for bedding supports that are available today. Wood bed slats are very old-fashioned and do not offer enough support for today’s heavier bedding. We spent a good part of the day Sunday talking with the owner of Knickerbocker Bed Frames at the High Point Furniture Market. We’ve been selling Knickerbocker’s bedding support products for many years with great success, but we had never met Knickerbocker’s owner in person, so it was wonderful to meet Richard Polevoy, who we consider a true visionary in this industry. Mr. Polevoy holds many patents for his amazing bedding support products. It is hard to find someone who gets as excited as we do about bed frames and bed supports, but when we met Richard, we knew we had met our match! Richard views bed frames and bed supports in an architectural way. He is always coming up with new ideas that transform the way we think of bed frames and bed frame supports.One of Best Sellers Ever- The Bed Beam

For example take a look at one of our best sellers, the Bed Beam. Instead of going to a hardware store to have wood slats cut, you can just order a Bed Beam support to fit your bed. The Bed Beam is FAR superior to wooden slats, which tend to bow and sway when weight is applied. Each Bed Beam leg is designed to support over 1240 lbs! Wood slats are not necessary!

No More Wood Slats! No More Wood Slats! No More Wood Slats!

Protect Your Bed From Bed Bugs

May 17th, 2011

Bed bug Protection KitI just saw a video about bed bug scams that aired on The Early Show in April. I thought it was appropriate considering we just got in a new product from Protect-a-Bed. Protect-a-Bed products are mentioned during this segment of The Early Show.

We are now offering the Bed Bug Protection Kit by Protect-a-Bed. This is the best system on the market for keeping bed bugs out of your mattress. The Bed Bug Kit contains an encasement for both your mattress and your box spring. These encasements zip completely around your mattress or box spring to keep bed bugs in (if you already have them!) or out if you don’t. The Protect-a-Bed Bed Bug Kit also includes 2 zippered pillow cases that are bug bite proof. Protect-a-Bed Bed Bug kits give you peace of mind during this crazy break out of bed bugs.

The Kingmaker vs The Create-a-King

February 28th, 2011

We made this low (no) budget film to show you our test of a new product on the market, The Kingmaker. The Kingmaker is designed to fit on two twin mattresses (or twin xl mattresses) and strap them together to make a king size bed.

We tested this product out on two of our twin XL mattress sets in our store. We loved the idea of the Kingmaker – it seemed so easy! Just one piece and there you go! Our buyer was interested because she was going to add this to our lineup, but in our tests we found The Kingmaker to be somewhat ill-fitting, with a hump in the middle. We tried to mash it down, but we couldn’t get the hump to go away.

We decided to test a product that we have carried for years, the Create-a-King Plush along with our King Size Regency Topper As you can see from our video, the Create-a-King/Topper was quite flat, no noticeable hump in the middle, and it holds the mattresses together very well.

Replacement Wood Bed Rails

May 31st, 2010

Wood Bed Rails - Unfinished

Our unfinished wood bed rails can be finished to match your bed. They are available in twin/full size, queen/king size, and California king size. Not much more expensive than metal bed rails, our wood rails are made in the USA in Asheboro, NC. You’ll love the look of these and the price, too.

Learn more about wooden bed rails at TheSleepShop.com.

Would you buy a $27,000 mattress set?

April 23rd, 2010

I went to the spring furniture market in High Point this week. I always enjoy meandering through the IHFC building with its limitless supply of vendors, catacomb-like hallways, and people dressed in business suits. There’s modern furniture, cottage furniture, modern-cottage furniture, acrylic lamps, chandeliers made of seashells, upscale bedding ($12,000 for a down duvet), and lots of teak outdoor furniture. It is a home shopper’s dream. I get so overwhelmed visually that I forget to watch where I am going. I always run into people as my eyes are drawn to an artist’s funky showroom or the artsy way a designer has showcased her wares.

This was the trance I was in when I spotted an upscale mattress line in one of the showrooms of the IHFC building. I had noticed this mattress line in one of our trade magazines, and I was drawn to the interesting ticking and design of the mattresses. I knew the bedding line was way out of the price range of beds we carry, but still I wondered what this luxury line was all about.

Anytime I’ve visited an upscale showroom in High Point, I get treated like I have leprosy. I mean, I’m cute in my Coldwater Creek clothes, but I don’t look really fancy for sure. I remember visiting Ann Gish at last market, and I asked the Sex-in-the-City sales lady there for a price list. She said smugly, “We don’t have a price list.” You don’t have a price list? What? How the heck do you plan to sell these things? I think she meant that she didn’t have a price list for me.

Anyway, at this incredibly upscale mattress showroom, a lovely sales woman approached me. She was gracious and took the time to show me her company’s beds. What surprised me is how respectfully she treated me, despite the fact that I was not in a business suit, and despite the fact that I told her before she spent any time with me that I would definitely not be able to but anything. She showed me her best-seller, a $27,000 beauty in the back of the showroom. (That’s $27,000 retail.) I tried the bed, and yes, it felt magnificent, amazing, even. This mattress company makes every bed by hand, every single stitch is sewn by a seamstress. Every bed is made of all natural materials, horsehair, being one of the most important components. When I asked about all those bald horses, the sales woman smiled and said, “The horsehair comes from the horses’ tails, so no there are no bald horses.” (Just horses with cold butts, I guess!)

My next probing question: What about the warranty? I’m thinking a bed that costs $27,000 should really last a lifetime and never get body impressions. Indeed, the warranty is a long one for the industry – 25 years. But if you buy this bed, expect to get body impressions. Their warranty, like most mattress manufacturers’ warranties, does not cover body impressions (unless they are excessive.) I never got a straight answer about what constitutes “excessive” for this luxury brand, nor could I find it on the company’s website. I did notice that the topper was flattened somewhat where I had laid on it. (I wish I could say that I’m super-skinny, but I’m about average size and weight.)

The bed was soft. It was as if you took a plush mattress and put a very nice quality featherbed or topper on top. Really, that’s what it felt like. It was cloudlike for sure, but lots of beds that we sell are cloudlike for a fraction of the cost.

What I took away from visiting the showroom was a favorable impression of this luxury brand, despite its being unaffordable, impractical, and definitely out of reach for most people. I also left with greater certainty that a comfortable bed cannot be made that totally resists body impressions. If you can’t do it for $27,000, then it can’t be done.

Bed frames made in the USA

January 18th, 2010

If you think everything in this country is imported from China, think again. Most of the items we sell at The Sleep Shop are manufactured in the USA. All of our mattress sets are manufactured here in the USA – most of them within 100 miles of Hickory, NC. Just about all of our metal bed frames, bed frame parts, and bed frame accessories are made in the USA – most of them in Linwood, NC. We even sell bed sheets and bed pillows made in the USA. So when you’re looking for good quality products made right here in the USA, think of The Sleep Shop and TheSleepShop.com.

The best bed frame

January 18th, 2010
Best Bed Frame

Best Bed Frame

If you want a fashionable good looking bed frame for supporting your mattress and box spring, you’ll love the Edge Silver Bed Frame. It has an attractive silver coating, unlike most of our bed frames which are either “bed frame brown” or black. Not only is this bed frame attractive, but it is also offers great support for your mattress and box spring compared with standard bed frames. And the best news: Previously, this bed frame was imported, but now it is is MADE IN THE USA!!!