How To: Raise Your Bed

July 8th, 2014

If your room often looks like this:

you could probably benefit from some extra under-bed storage.  The Deluxe Bed Risers allow you to raise your bed all the way up to 10 inches! Most standard frames are 7 inches off of the ground, just barely too short to fit storage tubs underneath.  The bed risers allow for more clearance so that you can make use of all that space under the bed! They’re made from a durable,  polypropylene plastic.  They’re very sturdy and don’t wobble and slide!

*Our bed risers now come in black instead of brown*


I’ve made a video reviewing the bed risers and explaining everything you need to know about them! Watch it here!

If you have any questions about bedding or bed frame parts call our store!

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Center Supports are so important!!!!!

July 1st, 2014

It completely blows me away that there are people out there that don’t understand how important proper center support is! What’s worse than that is knowing that there are thousands of sells rep selling $1,000 mattresses to people without even bothering to educate them!  That should be illegal if you ask me.

I just had a man call in and order 54 BL-1′s.  One of our rather popular center supports.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was excited to sell that many. That’s what makes a business a business but I couldn’t help but wonder why.  So I asked.  He ran a small hotel and every couple of years he noticed all of his Queen and Full beds sagging. This was the second time he had to replace them.  He called the manufacturer in to his hotel to see if they could help find the issue and was told he needed a center support on each bed. This poor, lovely man was wasting thousands on thousands of dollars on mattresses when all he needed was a simple center support.

The fact is though, most people just have no idea how important they are.  Allow me to break it down for you.

When you don’t have a proper center support all of the weight from the box spring, mattress, bedding materials and people sleep on the bed are supported by the very edge of a metal frame.  Naturally, everything is going to try and fall through the middle resulting in TERRIBLE sagging.  This is very unsightly, very uncomfortable and it ruins your mattress!


You also need a center support to keep the mattress warranty valid.  No manufacturer is going to replace an entire mattress when the problem could have been prevented.

There are several different supports available.  Some center supports for wood rails and some center supports for metal rails.


To protect your mattress investment check tonight to see that you have a proper center support, meaning there is a bar in the center going horizontal with at least one leg to the floor.  Depending on the weight you’re putting on it, it’s a good idea to have a couple more as well.

Adjustable Bed Frames

June 26th, 2014

If you’re looking for a frame for your teenager, you’re a newly married couple or you just like variety the best bed frame to buy would be an all-in-one frame. An all in one frame can adjust to accommodate any bed size. A customer called in the other day wanting to buy a bed frame for his toddler.  He was worried because at this point he needed a twin size, but he knew in the near future he would need a full size.  He had asked about his options and I told him about The Monster All-In-One-Bed Frame.  He went with this one because his son can take it with him through his whole life. This frame is super sturdy and features 2 inch side rails which double the strength.  This frame also comes in a  low profile version.


Assembly Video Series! Also, a little shameless plugging for our store.

June 18th, 2014

Currently, I’m working on an assembly video series. My intentions are to create a video for every product we have! I feel like it would be much easier to put something together if you can watch it step-by-step rather than fumble with instructions. It can be ridiculously complicated to put together a bed frame sometimes. I’ve spent hours in front of a box and a bunch of sprawled out pieces before. The good news though is that most of our products at The Sleep Shop require NO TOOLS! If you’re looking for a quick and easy bed frame to put up I would suggest a standard bed frame. If you’re looking for an easy bed support, the BL-1is assembled in less than 5 minutes, literally. I’ve done it before. So if you need anything stop by our website and get something super easy to install and even if it’s not so easy, I got your back with a video.

Stop by our website to place an order or give us a call!
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How-to: Display Headboard and Footboard for sale

June 13th, 2014

We have a set of “Retail Display Rails” for sale on our website for $29.00.  Often times when people call in about them they think they’re about to purchase an entire bed rail.  When I tell them what they’re actually about to buy there’s always a small sigh of disappointment because they were so excited to find an entire bed rail set for so cheap. I always want to warn them that they should NEVER buy a bed frame that only costs $29.oo but, I don’t. It always seems to be almost rude. Anyways, even though they aren’t an entire bed frame they are pretty awesome.

The rails come in Bolt-On or Hook-On

They’re teeny tiny rails that you use to connect a head-board and foot-board together to display it for sale.  Maybe you have an antique shop or thrift shop and want to showcase the lovely new set you got in?  Or maybe you own a store with a variety of products?  It’s very aesthetically pleasing to set up a head board and foot board that’s for sell and then drape a quilt over it that’s also for sell.

We’ve filmed a video of a head board and foot board we have on our showroom floor connected with the Retail Display Rails so that you can see what it looks like all together.

How to turn two twins into a king

June 10th, 2014

“How to turn two twins into a king” is a phrase very often searched.  Is it as easy as sliding the two mattresses together and calling it a day?  Not quite.  I guess you could do that but I think once you’re wedged in the crack of the bed at 3 am you’ll realize why it’s not the best idea.  Now, even though it’s not that easy  it’s not hard either.  All you need is a Create-A-King. What is a Create-A-King you ask? It’s just the handiest little thing since Replacement Bed Frame Feet.   It’s a tool used to connect your two twin mattresses and make them a king.  It comes with a long sheep skin connector and a band with buckles on the end.  It comes in two thicknesses to accommodate any mattress.

This mattress is probably from the 60′s but it’s a good picture of what the Create-A-King looks like in action.

Here is a video demonstrating the Create-A-King on two of our mattresses.

And just to let you know,  since we’re friends, there are a few products on the market that claim to do what the Create-a-King does but not all products are created equal.  Here’s a video we filmed a while ago comparing the King Maker. 


Headboard Adapters

June 7th, 2014

We get a couple  of calls a day from customers who want to know different ways to adapt a headboard to a frame.    We at The Sleep Shop offer bed hook adapters and mod adapt plates to help you modify your headboard to accommodate your bed frame. If your headboard is oversize, too small, or odd sized and the holes don’t line up with the holes on your bed frame, you can use our mod-adapt headboard plates. If you want to use your hook-on headboard on a bolt-on bed frame, you can use our bed hook adapters.

This video shows you how to install the mod-plate and goes over the various uses.

This is the mod-adapter head board plate.


 This video shows you how to install the bed-hook adapter onto your headboard as well as the combination of both the mod-plate and the bed-hook adapter.

This is the bed-hook adapter.


Hopefully, one of these products will save you time and money by allowing you to use your current frame with your new head board or vise versa!


The truth about pillow tops

June 5th, 2014

I think to cover myself I need to start out by saying, this is a matter of opinion and personal experience.  I’m going to follow that though with saying, we’ve been doing this for a very long time and you can trust the things I’m going to share with you.

The truth about pillow tops.

It seems like for every 5 people that walk through the door 3 ask where the pillow tops are.  1 asks “now is what they call a pillow top?”, pointing to the nearest mattress and usually flattest they see and the other 1 out 5 already know they absolutely do not under any circumstance even want to mistakenly look at a pillow top.

For the second group I mentioned, here is a pillow top:

A pillow top has a visibly noticeable top sewn on. It’s actually what the name implies, a giant pillow that covers your entire mattress.

Now, the easiest way to explain these guys is to use bullets so, here we go:

  • They are very, very prone to body impressions.  You’ll more than likely develop a noticeable body impression within a few months. Then, the next thing you know you’re either sleeping in bowl or a “W”, depending on how much you snuggle with your partner.
  • The comfort life you feel in the store does not last very long at all.  Meaning, it could lead to serious discomfort and body aches.
  • They’re two times more likely than a normal mattress to have problems with severe sagging.  They aren’t very durable.
  • They’re reported to have more problems with off-gassing.


Though I don’t have but four bullets listed it’s the most important things they have problems with.  Comfort and durability.

The best alternative to a pillow top mattress is to buy a firmer bed and purchase a nice mattress topper to put on it.  This way, as the topper breaks down you can repurchase just the topper instead of an entirely new bed.

How To Put A Bed Frame Together

June 3rd, 2014

Today, I put a standard bed frame together for the first time. I know, you’d think working at a bed frame store, that’d be a part of the interview, but it’s actually not. I was pleased to find out, it’s actually pretty simple! I filmed the process, because I am TERRIBLE at following directions and I’m probably not the only one. I always get something confused, and I over-complicate things, so it’s much easier if I watch something and can go along as they do. The only part that frustrated me was lining the holes up just right to lock the bars in place. After looking behind me though and seeing that the frame wasn’t straight I realized it was an operator error. So, if you’re wondering how to put a bed frame together watch my video and I’ll guide you step-by-step.

How To Clean Urine Off Of A Mattress

May 29th, 2014

I like to type blog posts that are relevant to what customers are having the most issues with in the bedding world. When I sat down to write I realized I didn’t have much of anything planned for today. So, I Googled “most googled mattress question” and “How to clean urine off of a mattress” has the number one spot. Really, everybody pees! Children, dogs, the elderly, pregnant women, people who are having those dreams where they think they’re in the restroom, etc. Urine on your mattress is bound to happen in your lifetime. Now that we know this, I think it’s time to learn that once it’s in there, it’s not coming out. You may be able to get the stain off of the surface but the urine itself has traveled down into the comfort materials of the mattress and is slowly going to break it down. (Not to mention, the smell that it is going to cause, particularly if it is cat urine P.U.!!!!) That’s why we have mattress protectors!! I know what you’re thinking, “But I can’t handle that awful crinkling noise, I’d rather not have one!” I was in that same boat! That is, until I discovered the Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Protector. It’s very light and soft and it DOES NOT CRINKLE. It’s amazing. There is also a mattress encasement made from the same materials if bed bugs or even allergies are a concern. A mattress protector is not only recommended to stop urine from making contact with a mattress but to keep the mattress warranty valid, it is required. Mattress warranties require there be no stains on a mattress if there is an issue. When you purchase a protector you’ll be safe from sweat, urine, blood and anything else that may ruin a mattress. Here’s a link to a video review of the Serta Sleep To Go mattress protector.