Finally, a bed frame that is easy to assemble and easy to store

I laughed when I read the instructions for our new Duraplus Foldable Bed Frame. The instructions say, “For twin size: Unfold bed frame and snap legs into place. Place bed in desired location.” Until I received my sample bed frame, I really did not believe that this bed frame would be that easy to assemble. But it really is. Duraplus Folding Bed Frame

Other really great things about this frame:

  1. It’s strong and can support up to 1200 lbs.
  2. It’s tall! You can store all kinds of stuff under this 14 inch tall bed frame!
  3. This bed frame folds up nicely, so if you don’t need it, you can stow it away in a closet. This is unlike angle iron bed frames that don’t fold.

Take a look at our silly assembly video:

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